Razyn 1809 AAR -Part I

Now that the Saxon's are complete, I felt the urge to give them some time on the table.  I wanted to try out the Battle of Raszyn scenario from Peter's Blunders on the Danube for some time now.  It seems ideal for a solo game as it maintains a relatively static defense, with a fairly tough defensive position in the center.  I also referenced some other sources that provided a detailed analysis of the battle as well as the battlefield itself.  Overall, there seems to be quite a bit of disagreement over the actual strength and distribution of forces on both sides.  Peter's map similarly abstracts the overall battlefield to provide the right feel without necessarily being an accurate depiction of the terrain.  (At this point, if you just want to see the battle itself skip down to the next set of images...)
The biggest challenge to me with this scenario stems from the basic problem with all tabletop wargames:  I know too much.  One of the recurring themes in my reading was th…

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