2018 Goal Setting

Tradition dictates that I follow up the annualreview with a statement of my goals for the year to come.

So how am I trending?

Overall, production seems steady.  This year I seemed to buck the trend of tailing off over the summer, with July being my most productive month rather than the lease productive.  I maintained the trend, however, and October became my lease productive...  I will attribute this to my trip to Vermont for now.  I managed roughly 6000 points equivalent scale, which puts this as an average year.  I managed to exceed my expectations on units completed, and that was primarily due to my divergence into 3mm Cold War over the summer. 

Productivity by Scale Looking at my productivity versus projections I did fairly well, with the 28mm projection bang-on.  3mm was not even on my radar last year, so it kind of jumped in to dominate the 2nd place position.

New Goal

Rolling out the big Guns

Double Sword Cavalry


IR #7 Neipperg

Russian Curassiers