SYW Russian Dragoons and Zorndorf Update

Another major milestone achieved!  All of the planned Dragoon and Cuirassier units are now complete.  I purchased two packs of Blue Moon Russian Dragoons and a singe command pack, which provided enough figures to complete three 12-figure regiments.  (I basically use 2 stands to represent 5 Squadrons).  I only needed two Dragoon regiments, but all but two of the Russian Cuirassier units were actually equipped as such during this time period (the 3rd Cuirassier and Prince Fedorovich Cuirassiers).  The remainder were conversted Dragoon units that were still using their old kit.  Thus the third unit became the Kazanskiy Cuirassiers. 
The Russians continue to be a fairy easy army for mass production as the only differences in across the Dragoon regiments are the standards.  Otherwise the uniforms are all the same.  I am sticking with my color coding plan by using a mid-tone brown for all the Dragoons to make them easily distinguishable from the heavy (Dark Brown) and Light (Tan) regiments…

Banal-Grenzinfanterieregiment nr. 1

Ikko Ikki part II

Troitsy Infantry Regiment

Ikko Ikki part I

Nevskiy Infantry

Prinz Savoyen Dragoons

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Cold War memories - Korean War Memorial Tank Park