Saxony on 6mm: Main Body Arrives

A long month without updates, but some progress at last!  Six regiments of Saxon line infantry ready to form the core of my brigade.

The minis are 1806 Prussian Line infantry from Baccus.  I used Peter's painting guide to select my regiment facings and colors.  Basically all the models were primered in white and then the fronts and pompoms were painted in a regimental color to offset them.  I used a Soft tone wash to keep from making them look too muddy, and went back with white highlights.  The flags were taken from the Bacus Saxon  flag sheet.  I also added a red edged Leibfahnen to my converged Grenadiers, but neglected to take a photo.   I found that the colors on the flags cracked easily, so I went back in and touched up all the primary colors with inks.

The regiments are from left to right.
IR #11 von NiesemeudchelIR #1 KoenigIR #5 von Oebschelwitz 
IR#3 Prinz Anton
IR#4 Prinz Clemens
IR#9 von Oebscelwitz

Admittedly, I selected these regiments primarily for the diversity o…

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