Figs for trade or sale

20mm WWII in the Pacific

USMC Collection  There are 17 total Infantry figures from an unknown manufacturer.  These were block painted about 20 years ago with acrylic paints.  There is a basic camouflage pattern on the helmets.  I recently gave them a minwax coat and touched up the chips as well as picked out more details.  They are individually based on pennies.  The group includes 11 Rifleman, 2 Squad leaders with SMG, a PL with radio, a Sniper with scoped Springfield, a Flamethrower and a Marine with a slung Bazooka (one of the rifleman has the ammo bag over his shoulder)  Also included are two assembled 1/72 scale LVT-1's to carry them ashore.  One of the LMGs on the vehicle has a broken barrel.  

2017 Microarmor Purge